Wednesday, September 10, 2008

a sad realization and some leftovers

first comes the sad realization regarding my most recent post...

after some review, i very clearly see the "hey-you-kids-get-out-of-my-yardishness" (to borrow a phrase from Rob) of the post and am thoroughly disgusted at how much of a miserable old fart i must have recently become. the kicker is that, despite knowing how much my post makes me come across as the stuck-in-the-past/all-of-today's-music-sounds-the-same-to-me musical curmudgeon, i still hold fast to my beliefs...thus further solidifying my ever increasing distance from "hip." going out immediately to buy orthopedic shoes and pants with elastic waistbands.

and now the leftovers...

sometimes i see things that strike me as funny or peculiar or noteworthy and i somehow record them for later reference here and, for lack of a substantive post based on their own merits, they're leftovers. the first of such is a funny new site i stumbled across which is great for wasting a bit of time. check out to see pictures of people who, as the name would suggest, totally look like someone or something else. if you see a pair who belong on this site, make the correlation and send it in and they'll likely post it. i've compiled some highlights:

continuing with the surplus...i was in blockbuster the other day and happened across these: the one on the right is about a girl who is basically forced into indentured servitude by the police and wields a yo-yo with a martial-arts flair to fight crime and the one on the left...well...what else is there to say?

and my last bit of detritus is a new way i've found to recycle my old media and get media that i want for very cheap. it's called swaptree and the site offers the service of cataloging items that you have and items that you want and then matching the two users to arrange a trade. the only thing you pay is the cost to ship your old stuff to whoever the user is that wants it. the site even provides an interface through which you can print trackable shipping labels if you have a credit card and a printer capable of labels. i know there are other online services of the ilk (please let me know if you know about any of them) but this one is very easy to use and i've had great results so far.

stay tuned for the next collection of castaways from the island of misfit blog ideas.

always looking for future flotsam,



Rob said...

No, I think you're absolutely right about mainstream radio in the 90s vs. now. The industry was just discovering the riches that could be mined from the underground/indie movement, and there was all this great music that was just starting to see the light of day.

There's a hell of a lot of great stuff coming out now, but since it's becoming less necessary or desirable for musicians to sign with major record companies, most of it will never make it to DC101. The industry is kind of blowing up now.

Hey, have read Our Band Could Be Your Life? It's a history of the indie music movement in the 80s and 90s. Really worth digging into if you're interested in that period.

pleasurefromthethorns said...

i'd never heard of that book but i'll definitely be on the lookout for it now.

T said...

And of course, taking the fogeydom back a bit, the 80s were fabulous, too...for me--if I had to pick a year or 3, I'd go for 1987-89. The Cure's Disintegration, Siouxsie's Peepshow, Tracy Chapman's eponymous album, REM's Green, sugarcubes' Life's Too Good, Pixies' Surfer Rosa, Metallica's And Justice for All, Michelle Shocked's Short Sharp Shocked, Belinda Carlisle's Heaven on Earth (schlocky but I love it), Guns 'n' Roses, etc. Not that I don't love Hole & co., but.... :-)