Tuesday, October 14, 2008

startling but representative, i fear

an anecdote...a charming interaction that left me simultaneously amazed and disgusted.
during a conversation with a secretary at my "office" this morning, i mentioned that my girlfriend was sick and that i was heading to the store to gather ingredients to make some soup to aid her in her recovery. the secretary asked what kind of soup i was going to make and i told her "vietnamese noodle soup" (phô, for those of you in the know). she wrinkled her nose disdainfully and said, "Yuck! That would make me sicker!" I asked her if she'd ever had it or even knew what was in it and, predictably, she said, "No, but I know I wouldn't like it."

i knew very well that there was really no point in arguing but i couldn't help myself. i said, "it's noodles and broth with vegetables and spices. it's not that much different from chicken noodle soup. are you saying you wouldn't like it just because it's vietnamese?" she shook her head and said, "It just sounds gross." at that, i shook my head and said, "that's a pretty intolerant perspective, don't you think?" with nose still crinkled, she quipped, "I dunno.," and shrugged off my challenge lazily. i saw my chance to learn something here and i probed, "you're probably voting for McCain, too, aren't you?" she proudly and emphatically announced with a put-on dignified tone, "Why, yes I am!"

hooray for ignorant people!



Rob said...

Heh. I had a blind lunch date recently with a woman who, when I suggested a nearby Mongolian barbeque restaurant, wrinkled up her nose and said "No" in the same tone she might have used if I'd suggested she lick an ashtray. I actually didn't walk away from her right then, but I kind of wish I had.

T said...

Sounds like a sure sign of incompatibility, that! :-) I love the Picard facepalm image.

Anonymous said...
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