Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a test and an update

a test and a tiny update: i've just enabled mobile blogging from my cell and i'm hoping this makes it through space and lands where it's supposed to. that covered, this little guy is the first product from the zucchini plant that volunteered in our compost bin. i know i have been woefully remiss in my updates and i hope that this new mobile blogging capability will help remedy that ...at least a little bit. later, ~thorns


john said...

if it came from your compost bin, how do you know it isn't some kinda weird mutant zucchini? i bet you ate it, too. crazy vegans, eating any weird, unnaturally-shaped thing that grows out of a compost bin.

was it good? i bet it was. i like zucchini.

pleasurefromthethorns said...

the only things that go into our compost bin are the scraps from stuff we've already eaten so we must have dispatched that li'l guy's progenitor months before. that said, we'd probably have eaten if even if it was a new mutant veggie. we're wild and crazy vegans!...and yes, it was good!