Wednesday, November 4, 2009

various and sundry wtf's

every few months, it seems, i end up with a collection of pictures i've taken or collected. some are depictions of something i'd intended to blog about, some are just funny or strange, and some are just taken for this catch-all post. we'll begin with a trip to the asian market. like our friends at have shown, having a laugh at someone else's failed grasp on english is fun. balls!
so many jokes to be made here. i digress.
vermont: new england's curry capitol.
try our other great flavor: go fuck yourself!
your favorite vegetable is now a dessert pop! also try our broccoli brittle and beet flavored toothpaste!

ok, ok...enough picking on the asians...especially when there's so much to make fun of everywhere else :-) how about these:
i mean, seriously. you're not THAT pressed for time. give your kid a normal bath like everyone else.

from the makers of ParanoidPals and FreneticFriends!
when your merken needs a lift, try merken spice! (yes, i know it's not spelled like that....relax)
man! who knew that sticker placement could be so important?
this is a children's coloring/drawing/workbook. in the upper left hand corner, the instructions read, "color only the things you like." enlarge this if you can and look at the items. wtf?!
wow. wtf kind of kids book IS this? incidentally, this page is easier if you're from baltimore.
for all of those times when you've needed to "instantly disguise" yourself as thomas jefferson.
finally you can sit on your couch watching TV in a blanket with sleeves AND express your "wild side." that IS wild!

and our final entry for today:
where do you fall?

until i have more time,

p.s. i welcome your caption additions!


Amy said...
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Amy said...

Lets be bitter is definitely my favorite. I'm have to give that out for Christmas.

fiddlemethis said...

I love toilet paper--but waaaaah--I can't color it because it's already white!

(Ok, I pretty much just woke up, so the pump to the wit well isn't running yet....)