Monday, July 7, 2008

am i missing something here?

wtf? i don't get it. help me understand.

the directions in the picture are a little blurry so i'll help you out:

1. pour instant beans into serving bowl
2. add boiling water and stir briefly (see Instant Bean/Water Ratio chart below)
3. Cover 5 minutes, stir and serve.

i would like to point out that the above steps for the preparation of the instant refried beans forgot to mention sub-steps:

2(a). boil water
2(b). read a chart and,
2(c). apply rational mathematical equations

2(b) and (c), incidentally, are both deal-breakers for me...i just don't need instant powdered refried beans that badly.
man...if only someone could come up with a product that's more "instant" than those "instant" refried beans...eureka!...ah yes...that's more like it. here are the instructions for this product:
1. open can.

archimedes would be proud.


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T said...

Of course, you could also cook up some pinto beans and mash them :-) Not sure how dried beans v. canned beans work out in terms of which is greener (I would guess dried), but it would certainly take away ratio anxiety....