Saturday, July 19, 2008

to my out, proud, grammatically challenged friend

i'm not quite a social butterfly so i've only made a few friends here in colorado. an even fewer number of them have risen to a level which ranks having their number stored in my phone. this is only important because i recently got a text message from a number that was NOT in my familiar contact list and that i've never seen before. the message seemed heartfelt and was of such interest that i thought you all should know exactly what my anonymous text-friend shared with me:

"your important to me, so i wanted you to be the first to know. i'm a lesbian, always have been."

and with mystery texter vanished like a feathered dandelion frond in the wind. i'm honored that my clandestine friend thinks so highly of me and would confide such a deeply personal revelation...via text.

thank you, mystery friend. thank you.



T said...

Too cool. Did you write back?

(BTW, I like the tag you put on this post ;-)

pleasurefromthethorns said...

i'm hypersensitive about communicating with unknowns so i didn't write back. plus, i didn't want to embarass whoever bared their soul to the wrong person by accident :-)