Saturday, April 18, 2009

self hatred

so a local radio station is doing a "retro" weekend. their goal is to play every wretched, loathsome, mainstream pop song "from the 70's and 80's" and it's really bumming me out. why don't i just change the channel? y'see, that's what's bumming me out...i can't. no matter how much i try not to or how much i want to hit myself in the head with a ball-peen hammer after the fact, there are some songs from my childhood i can't help but sing/hum/whistle/dance to when i hear them. YOU try being happy with YOURself when you're standing in line somewhere tapping your foot and bobbing your head like an idiot to "loveshack" or whistling the chorus to mariah carey's "dreamlover." disgusting.

what song are YOU guilty of bouncing to? i'd like to know...partly because i'm just curious and partly because i don't want to feel like the only degenerate loser out here.

off to try my hand at a self-inflicted lobotomy,


Laura said...

Oh, let's see...
Thank God I'm a Country Boy
Copa Cabana
that inane Breakfast at Tiffany's song...

Guilty pleasures, my dear. Guilty pleasures.

john said...

it's your favorite 80s song!

and i like that Breakfast at Tiffany's song!

Rob said...

Keep feeling fascina-tion,
Passion burning, love so strong,
Keep feeling fascina-tion,
Looking, learning, moo-ving on...
Damn, that's embarrassing.

T said...

Solid as a rock
(dum dum dum DUM)
That's what this love is....

Rob said...

Ok, it's May 4 and I've had "Keep Feeling Fascination" playing in my head for two days. I may have to chew my own leg off.